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安具楽 とんすい/ Agura bowl

安具楽 とんすい/ Agura bowl

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【安具楽 アグラ とんすい】


Angura Bowl
By applying various innovations in the production process, a rich texture with a luster rarely seen in earthenware pots has been expressed.
The dish is easy to hold by placing your thumb on the protruding part of the pot and holding the pot with your hand as if you were supporting it. It is also convenient to turn the lotus flower upside down and stand it on its side to prevent it from slipping.
It can be used not only as a serving bowl, but also as a gratin dish since it can be used in the oven.
Φ150 x H55 (including handle) / 380cc
Earthenware (heat)
Microwavable and oven-safe


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