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コセール9号鍋 4th-market cocer pot no.9

コセール9号鍋 4th-market cocer pot no.9

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粗めの土を使用した、素朴な風合いのあるシリーズ。お鍋は遠赤外線効果で、料理が美味しく仕上がります。土鍋は保温効果があり、そのまま食卓にだして温かいお料理が食べられます。ごはん釜1合は、ご飯茶碗約3杯程度のお米が炊けます。煮物やお味噌汁にもおすすめです。Φ160×H145/850㏄ 920g 耐熱陶器 直火・オーブン・電子レンジ可能

This series has a rustic texture using coarse clay. The pots have a far-infrared ray effect, making dishes fluffy and ready to eat. Earthenware pots retain heat and do not get cold easily, so you can enjoy hot food at the table. It can cook about 3 cups of rice. It is also recommended for simmered dishes and soups. Dia. 160 x H145mm 850cc 920g Heat-resistant ceramic Can be used over an open flame, in an oven, or in a microwave oven 4th-market


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