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コセールご飯鍋5合 cocer rice pot

コセールご飯鍋5合 cocer rice pot

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Φ210×H200/2200cc 2300g 耐熱陶器 直火・オーブン・電子レンジ可能

4th-market's Kosair gohan pot is an earthenware pot that fills the home dining table with warmth. Featuring a deep design and coarse-grained clay, the far-infrared effect brings out the flavor of the ingredients, making it suitable for a wide range of dishes from rice to miso soup, soups, and stews. The 2200cc capacity is perfect for family meals, and the handmade warmth of the pot makes it a perfect gift. Enjoy heartwarming mealtimes with this rice pot that enriches your daily table. For direct flame use only.

Φ210 x H200 / 2200cc 2300g Heat-resistant ceramic, open flame, oven, microwave-safe


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