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カーモス ウサギ土鍋 KAMMOS rabbit handle ceramic stew pot

カーモス ウサギ土鍋 KAMMOS rabbit handle ceramic stew pot

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φ20.5XH15  700cc  

 Open flame, oven, microwave

IH not available

Kaamos' handmade rabbit earthenware pot has an adorable design reminiscent of a field of flowers awaiting spring. It is sized for one person, and the far-infrared effect brings out the flavor of the ingredients, making it ideal for cooking delicious rice and stewed dishes. Because they are handmade by the artist, each pot is unique and makes an ideal gift for family and friends. Made in Japan, this earthenware pot will add warmth to your dining table as it heralds the arrival of spring. The beautiful rabbit-shaped lid handle will soothe your heart every time you use it. It is the kind of product that turns family gatherings into something more special.


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