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カーモス クマご飯鍋 KAMMOS bear handle ceramic stew pot

カーモス クマご飯鍋 KAMMOS bear handle ceramic stew pot

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The Kaamos Bear Rice Earthen Pot is an adorably designed rice pot that is perfect for the kitchen of a single person. The main feature of this earthenware pot is its double-lid structure. The inner lid allows excess steam to escape, while the outer lid locks in the heat, resulting in fluffy rice. The lid can also be used over direct heat, ensuring even heat transfer and delicious roasted rice.

A charming bear-shaped knob on the lid adds a fun visual touch. The salmon-like coloring and design will add natural warmth to your dining table. Combining cuteness and practicality, this earthenware pot makes an ideal gift.

Sized for one person, the compact yet solidly built Kaamos bear rice earthenware pot will make your daily meals even more enjoyable. Experience the aroma of rice cooked over an open flame with this unique earthenware pot.

18XH19, 800cc

Not for IH

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